Blacks Are Afraid Of The Future

Blacks Are Afraid Of The Future Its always easier to live with the known then the unknown! Now, with the blacks being displace

Unnatural Acts

Unnatural Acts Its interesting sometimes how the government (with the support of civilian groups) forces us to do unnatural ac

How dare you, Moochelle O, point your finger

How dare you, Moochelle O, point your finger at anyone else, telling them how things should be. You had a chance to show us AL

Gun Control 3: So, you think the 2nd Amendment was for deer hunting? Watch Video

A test: Why do we have the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution? And why does it follow the 1st Amendment? The 2nd Amendment wasÂ

Written by a housewife in New Brunswick

This was to be published about 02/25/2010. I publish it now for your enjoyment. Hey people this was sent to me by a friend and

Impeachment, Resignation, Removal, Impeachment, Resignation, Removal… Say that 10 times!

This will be a “short and sweet” blog entry. Tired of everything that’s coming out of the White House? And y

The Sad History of Gun Control

The Sad History of Gun Control Commentary by Rick Ainsworth “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.â

9 Things To Know About The 2nd Amendment

9 things you don’t know about the Second Amendment by Matt MacBradaigh February 8, 2013 1. The Second Amendmen

Send this letter to…

I am sending this letter to you to express my position on the current spate of legislation that you will be facing regarding

Who Owns Guns In Congress

By Paul Singer and Gregory Korte, USA TODAY, Republicans in Congress are much better armed than their Democratic counterparts