Illegal immigrants, IRS, fines…

RHPcomLogoSm.gifIn the latest Senate Bill re: Illegal Immigrants… There are a number of major points to the bill (and I don’t pretend to know what they all are) but, simply:

  • Build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico
  • More Border Agents
  • Pathway to American citizenship
    • Register
    • Pay $2000 in fines
    • Pay “back taxes”
    • Pay current taxes
    • Keep a job
    • Etc….

Wait, what was that? Pay “back taxes”? As I remember the situation, the illegal immigrants stole or made up Social Security Numbers to work here. If the illegal immigrants had more than one employer, how does the IRS know how much in “back taxes” they owe? Does that mean that the illegal immigrants have to file with the IRS? Does that mean that the illegal immigrants need to pay any fines levied by the IRS AND pay any interest on those back taxes owed?

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