Shouldn’t the illegal immigrants pay back…

RHPcomLogoSm.gifIt’s amazing to me that… The Republican Party is ignoring what a lot of people call its base. While the people I talk to can’t be called a scientific sampling, NOT ONE person has said that they want amnesty for the illegal immigrants or what the President calls a pathway to citizenship. Everyone wants a wall between the U.S. and Mexico and enforcement of the current laws.

I personally love the Mexican people. I find them to be a family oriented, responsible people (except in the area of crossing the border that they know is illegal), religious, friendly, warm etc. I would love to have LEGAL Mexicans as neighbors.

But, that doesn’t mean that I like the dual language of the U.S. now, the free medical the Mexicans get, the special treatment in our court systems, the dual and special treatment in our school systems, the special treatment afford them for the work they do and keeping wages artificially low, taking the jobs our entry level workers should have, the gangs that are appearing because there is a lack of employment, the drugs that come in to the U.S. by the same pathways that are used by the illegal immigrants, the welfare that has taken place while we send Mexico millions of dollars.

So, if the illeagal immigrants aren’t paying taxes, how does the welfare system know that the illegal immigrants aren’t “double dippers” (illegal immigrants that have a job and get welfare)? If the illegal immigrants aren’t reporting their incomes correctly, how can they pay their back taxes? Shouldn’t the illegal immigrants have to pay back the illegal welfare they may have recieved?

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