So, You don’t think its an amnesty bill?


So, You don’t think its an amnesty bill?

Yesterday, in the Senate they passed a provision in the illegal immigration bill to GIVE CREDIT TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS’ for their contributions to taxes they MAY have paid.

In other words, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS were using illegal, forged documents to pay the taxes on the incomes they were making and the Senate will give them credit for the moneys they’ve paid in illegally…

How many laws need to be broken before the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are seen for their worth? OR LACK OF WORTH?

There is over 100,000 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS’ as criminals in our federal prisons, hospitals have been closed in Southern California because of bankruptcy due to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS’ non-payment of services, our schools are overloaded with ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS’ are driving without auto insurance.

What needs to be said, what needs to be shown, what needs to have happened for the Senate to understand the calamity they are creating?

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