Let’s Get Off The Band Wagon Of The Liberals

RHPcomLogoSm.gifThe “Call From This Corner Is:” Liberals aren’t really wanting to get out of Iraq for the sake of saving our country’s greatest heros lives.

As a matter of fact, they are “The Party of Death”. I don’t know who the author of that saying is but, I do know it wasn’t me, darn it! Liberals believe in aboration. Infact, the Liberals believe in 2 types of “Late Term Abortion”.

  1. One is the type we normally think of (if we can call that normal) where late in the birthing process but, just before being actually being born the doctor kills the baby as its about to take its first breath.
  2. The second is: where we feel that we no longer want to be a live any longer. Suicide or if we can’t do it ourselves we call Jack K. and he helps with assisted suicide.

Liberals or “The Party of Death”, allow kids to kill themselves. The reports by M.A.D.D. and N.I.A.A.A. show that more 1600 students in college are killed every year due to alcohol. That’s EVERY year!

That’s more than are killed in Iraq every year. Do the liberals get mad about this and suggest that they’ll cut funds and get out of education because too many of our kids are being killed? Then why do Liberals say that we should cut funds and get out of Iraq?

Do you really think the stance of the Democrat Party and Liberals are about the lives of our children?

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