When are we going to come to our senses?

Posted in politics on September 20th, 2007 by sysadmin

What is happening in our country for the last few years, in the United States is really, really terrible. The over running of our country by another country’s citizen’s is just plain wrong, morally and legally. If the situation was reversed, other countries would scream in outrage.

Our senses (yours and mine) KNOW what is happening is just plain wrong. Our bodies, our guts, know deep down how bad this really is.

Its our heads that get in the way of what is really right. Many of you (I don’t) feel guilty for what we all have built. Your gut says letting THESE PEOPLE, WHO ARE TRESPASSER’S, WHO ARE GOING TO STEAL YOUR ID, WHO ARE GOING TO STEAL YOUR TAX MONEY by way of welfare, extreme hospital costs, extreme expenses for schooling, WHO AN EXTREME PERCENTAGE ARE OR WILL BE EXTREMELY VIOLENT CRIMINALS and this list just goes on and on…

Do you have any idea how violent? Out of the last 7 police officer’s killed in Phoenix, 5 have been killed by illegal immigrants. “They” come with EXTREME alcoholism which MURDERS OUR citizen’s (check any state accident reports).  They have uninsured vehicle’s.

After reading this, what part of your body is telling you these are people that you want living next to you, living down the street from you, living in your state, living in your country?

And my question for you, if your body is telling you one thing why are you trying to get your brain to change it?

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Which way to go? You’ll know when you get there…

Posted in Uncategorized on September 16th, 2007 by sysadmin

I was talking to Nan and we were trying to figure out, where in the world were we? She pops up and says,”Which way to go? You’ll know when you get there…”

It sounded like an ideaem that Yogi Bera might say like: Its dejavue all over again…

It has a kinda spiritual ring to it… Don’t you think?

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