When Do We Say To McCain… We’ve Paid You Enough For Your Vietnam Experence!

Posted in politics on January 30th, 2008 by sysadmin

Let me say this, about that… Thank You John McCain for your military service and experience. I’m deeply sorry you spent a huge amount of time of that as a POW.

So, Senator McCain, concerning the military service AND the POW EXPERIENCE, how much do you think they’re worth? You’ve ridden this horse for 40 years. The horse died! Americans are tired of paying this bill over and over again!

When you went in to congress as a Republican you were fighting for the military. My, how times have changed you!

In the USA, IF someone was wronged by a criminal or an accident, you wouldn’t be allowed to be apart of the prosecution or the jury. Because YOU judgment might be swayed by the things that you have experienced.

Senator McCain I believe you’ve been paid far too much for your time in Vietnam. I also believe  that what you experienced in Vietnam has influenced your judgment in the Senate.

  1. Like McCain/Feingold. You legislated “Free Speech” before an election, preserving your seat in the Senate.
  2. Another example is, McCain/Kennedy where I’m absolutely sure your POW experience  influenced your thoughts on immigrants and immigration. Your experience has influenced enough that you have said that your bill wasn’t amnesty. That is totally convoluted thinking or a lie.

How does one get to your thought process without being insane (as being influenced by your experience) or being a liberal? I think anyone would be injured by what you went through. And again, I’m really sorry you had to go through that. You are a hero but, you  aren’t anything more special, or more intelligent, because of it.Something else, Other Vietnam Vets haven’t gotten the same benefits you have for nearly the same or worse treatment. Why haven’t they been elevated to your level? Why aren’t the things they say, elevated to the same level?

EVERY TIME you want something, you trot out the Vietnam experience, not the best arguments.

How long does ALL the citizens, of ALL of the United States owe you for the time you were in the military or Vietnam?

(This item can be better said and I will re-write as I cultivate a better verbiage.)

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