I’m NOT Going to Vote For McCain!

Posted in politics on February 6th, 2008 by sysadmin

Voting for John McCain is not acceptable to this writer. It’s also not acceptable for a lot of other “True” Americans. Voting use to be by so-called divisions White vs. Color, Men vs. Women, Straight vs. Gay, True Vs. Other Americans etc.

“True” Americans? Yes, “True” Americans. “True” Americans are those that don’t want to lose our American Culture. The “Other” Americans want anything but, American Culture. “True” Americans want a smaller government. “Other” Americans want government to be the beginning and end for everything in life. “Other” Americans want a EuroAmerica not an America of the United States.

I’ll be creating a website to sell bumper stickers with a cute verbiage (One Liner).

It might be something like “Republican Party – Get Over Yourself”.

The Republican Party has sold itself out for more power, more government. With that being the case, it’s no different than the Democrat Party.

So, why don’t the “Other” Americans go to the “Other Party”?