It’s About Time (Oil Really)!

Posted in politics on July 15th, 2008 by sysadmin

I have been saying for a decade now (really, ask my friends) this day would come. What day is that? The day that oil would get sooo bad because of the Greenies. The day that gasoline prices would get so bad that we could start off shore drilling. Its almost here!

Here’s another thing I’ve been saying for a long time… That we don’t need to do the actual drilling, just say that we’re going too and the price of oil would go down markedly.

In order for that to happen we still have one stumbling block. ANWAR. That’s right, just say we’re going to start drilling in the ANWAR and oil prices are going to come down MARKEDLY!

The Greenies have caused sooo much havoc in this country… I can’t count the times the greenies ARE and WERE wrong and the cost to the tax payer for listening. Its not the Bush country. Its the Greenies country… Here’s a minor list of things that they’re completely wrong about and people still believe them because of the guilt they generate. The Pope could learn alot from the Greenies.

Here’s a partial list. The Greenies were wrong about:

  1. The Owl needing original growth trees… The Owls propagate better in second growth trees, Who paid for this blunder? Logging communities and the taxpayers.
  2. Mt. St. Helens… They said it would be lifetimes/generations before the St. Helens area come back to life… You ought to see it! I’ll have pictures on my website Who pays? the taxpayer…
  3. Greenies don’t want the undergrowth in forests cleaned up. So, we pay EVERY YEAR of the forest fires started by lightning. Thousands of acres. Who pays? The taxpayer.
  4. Greenies have said that the oil pipeline through Canada would be an Ecological disaster with leaking and it would kill off the Caribou. It doesn’t leak and the Caribou have bred better with the warm pipeline to sleep near. Who paid again? The tax payer.
  5. When we couldn’t drill on our own coastline because of the Greenies and their extreme positions but, Mexico and other countries could within 50 miles of our coastline. Who paid for this? The tax payer got the shaft multiple ways. The price went up because we had to buy from the world market instead of keeping it within our borders, the state taxes went up, the federal taxes went up. The states and the federal governments don’t contribute 1 resource to making fuel but they make more than 5 times what the oil companies do. Think about that… 5 times what that service station owner that your so made at makes!

I could keep going but I need to calm down before I go to bed tonight.

So, a question to YOU. With the Greenies being Sooo wrong on everything they say and publish, why do YOU still believe anything they say? Why do YOU even consider them a reputable source for information?

Ah, what do YOU care, it’s only YOUr life and YOUr families life that YOU keep betting on that the Greenies are right… I bet YOU keep asking YOUr boss for a raise. The Greenies end up taking any raise from YOU that YOU might get along with the YOUr government.

Rush’s New Contract!

Posted in politics on July 2nd, 2008 by sysadmin


He deserves it!

He’s full of Good spirit! He always has good things to say about reasonable people. He’s never hung up on a person he is talking too. The one thing I don’t like is that he puts those radical left wingers on the radio before reasonable people… I could trust him with my 19 year old daughter or my wife!

Its the first and best program to hear when you get up in the morning!

You see, I’m a disabled person and I know through Rush and dare I say it, God, that this position can and will change to my best, in my life!