Stop Eating Out At Restaurants?

I was listening to Rush. This guy calls in. He said he was watching Oprah who had Suze Orman on. They recommend to get through the supposed current crisis.

They recommended that everyone not go to restaurant once a month… I was curious

  • Did they recommend not using their car for a month?
  • Did they recommend not using the cell phones for a month?
  • Did they recommend not using electricity for a month?
  • etc.

Why restaurants?

I know! Its a family values thing. They don’t want family’s to all sit around a table, at the same time, eating the same food talking to each other.

Say what you want about politics… The way to get what you want politically is to split family’s, have them argue politics move out, etc. It worked for welfare!

I can tell you the exact time when we were at our best! It is when the Republicans voted segregation out. Everyone was equal…

I can tell you the exact time when we were at our worst! It is when the Democrats voted in welfare and required fathers to not live with families in order to get “Aid To Dependent Children”.

I believe that the way welfare implemented is the cause of where we are today with society’s ills. Such as; gangs, children without dads, moms that turn to drugs and prostitution. High dropout rates in high school, high crime (where blacks supposedly has a disproportionate rate of people in prisons. Where I need to say that “If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime! “. We could have a situation where Blacks do a disproportionate rate of crime. Its like shooting fish in a barrel.

And you do not have to eat the most expensive restaurant in the area. Use commonsense. Anyway, eating at a restaurant is not the same as going to Disneyland or going on a vacation or buying a new diamond ring/watch or a new car.

Eating at a restaurant can raise your self esteem of all those that go. The restaurant money stays in the community.

What do you think?

One thought on “Stop Eating Out At Restaurants?

  1. goodtimepolitics

    I have to agree 100% cause I also think that the only ones on welfare should be the elder and disable, if a person is able to work the government should make him at least earn the food stamps by picking up paper or sweeping sidewalks. Then there is the illegals that has taken many jobs and when they get paid they send all the money back to mexico and live off welfare and food stamps plus illegals are helping our healthcare cost skyrocket. Take care of those two problems and this Country would come back alive and be the leader of this World!

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