Black Americans, What Has The Democrats Done For You?

Posted in politics on September 21st, 2009 by sysadmin

I’m just a regular guy. I watch football, NASCAR, politics etc. I have had my ups and downs in life (ups: 2 sons, worked in Washington D.C. with my own parking place and now trying to be a landscape photographer. Downs: within 2 weeks of being homeless, 3 divorces you get the picture.)

I’ve tried to remain current on events. From time to time I pay attention to politics. The last 3 years being the longest time (maybe its 5 years). Anyway, I’ve tried holding myself and other people responsible of things promissed. So, now the real question…

Why do Black Americans believe the Democrat Party when for 40 years the Democrat Party has promised so much and delivered so little? Our children (no color here) are so important and this lie by the Democrat Party is so well supported.

I love the saying that goes something like this: If you have tried something 99 times, why do you believe that its going to change the 100th time tried? I believe this was stated by Benjamin Franklin but sounds like something Thomas Edison would have said.

For example: I can’t grow anything. Grass, vegetables, plants etc. Everytime I tried, they died. I stopped trying. I live in an apartment. Someone else takes care of the plants and grass, I buy frozen vegetables. I learn.

Black Americans have been told for over 40 years by the Democrat Party that education for your children is going to be better.

  1. How do you know whether your children are getting better education? You need to test.
  2. How much does it take to educate a child for 1 year? According to the Democrats this years amount was not enough. If only we raise taxes, that will be enough!

Education can be good at a lower level of cost/student. Remember Bush gave Kennedy 10% more education funds than his bill asked for? Kennedy saying later that: there wasn’t enough money in the bill? 10% more than asked for! Remarkable.

The republicans have been trying to help you by a lot of different ideas. They have been stifled by the Democrats.  Some are:

  1. Some states have vochers for charter schools and that seems the best education for our money.
  2. But, those kids taught at home seem to get the best education. The problem with that is: the parents need to have a reasonable education before this can happen tho. The democrats have put walls up to stop this great education tho.

So, how do Black Americans get better education when they haven’t learned the basics of what the Democrats have been teaching them for decades?

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I’ll Say It First…

Posted in politics on September 21st, 2009 by sysadmin

Obama should be impeached!

I don’t say that wrecklessly. While I was old enough, I don’t remember President Kennedy lying to us but he certainly had his affairs. I don’t remember Nixon lying until the Watergate thing happened. I do remember Bush saying something like “read my lips, no new taxes” and we couldn’t judge that one until later. And then there was the Clinton thing plus a number of other questionable practices. And then the last Bush…

BUT… Obama has lied to all of us regular people, the congress in the House and the Senators in the Senate. And the people that voted for him! He has lied about his relationships with people. Lied in his address to all of Congress, lied in his interviews on TV etc, etc, etc. I don’t need to tell you where he lied, if your any kind of objective person at all (It doesn’t matter what political party your affilated with). AND especially if your black. What have you gotten in the last 40 years for voting Democrat?

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I Got It! Flat Tax For Hospitals!

Posted in politics on September 15th, 2009 by sysadmin

This thing we call health care and the need to redefine is just plain hooey! All we need to do is just redefine ONE ENTITY in the health care business.

The hospital!

That’s right! The hospital. If we define that one place and how it bills etc. We can fix this thing we call health care.

Right now we have the “haves” and the “have nots”.

The “haves” has insurance and pay for it. The “haves” have their doctors etc.

The “have nots” has no insurance. Nor pay for it.

All we need to do is change the definition of the hospital. All hospitals become “non profit” kinda. All “have nots” go to the hospital clinics for health care. They signup as not having insurance. All haves and have nots pay the same rates for things… NO $9.00 aspirins or $15.00 glass of water. We pay real prices. All “haves” has insurance. Nothing changes. The insurance pays the bills.

The difference! Hospitals works on a standard percentage upcharge of each item. At the end of the year the hospitals total up their expense vs. their income. The hospitals would be guaranteed a percentage of income at the end of the year. The House of Representatives would pay the bill through taxation. Everyone is happy. The House/Senate gets to set the overall profit for health care. The haves get their insurance. The have nots get their hospitalization. Health Care gets their profit for research.

It can’t be any more simple!

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Thank You Joe Wilson!

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Thank You Joe Wilson for saying and doing what many of us wished we could do. Thank You Joe Wilson! I’ve heard that your re-election funds are growing after last nights ruckus during the speech by President Obama (the leader of the Coalition for the Future American Worker Party). Thank You Joe Wilson!

Today the Republican Party made you, Joe Wilson apologize for what you blerted out and I’m sorry for that! Like Rush says, Joe Wilson was the only one to speak the truth last night!

That’s all I want to say about last nights speech because it was so terrible.

The thing I wonder is with all this (pitting one american against another american)

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