I Just Had To Ask 1 More Time…

Posted in politics on December 16th, 2009 by sysadmin

In my mind, I was going through the Medical Crisis one more time. You know the one that you keep asking yourself why?

While your doing that and you are a black American could you please, please tell me why you stay with the Democrats? There is an old saying and it kinda goes like this: If you do something the same way 99 times… Why do we expect a different out come the 100th time?

Well, more Republicans voted for the civil rights act way back then…

Getting back to the joke… Black American’s, you’ve voted Democrat for 40 years. That’s 40 years! Are you any ahead of where you were 40 years ago? Now, I don’t like the Republicans either but, if I’ve done something 1 way for a long time and I didn’t get the result I wanted, I’d try something different! Anything!

Put your ear to the ground and what do you here? I hear people coming from Mexico… Your about to be overtaken in numbers when the census is taken… The Latino’s are about to be the biggest minority. NOT Back Americans. I would especially do something different now because your about to become meaningless.

Think about it and get back to me (CanonCameraGuy@RoadKillPhotos.com)

Merry Christmas!

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