Gun Control 3: So, you think the 2nd Amendment was for deer hunting? Watch Video

A test: Why do we have the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution? And why does it follow the 1st Amendment?

  1. The 2nd Amendment was written into the Constitution because a bunch of old white guys that were slave owners wanted to make sure they could go deer hunting whenever they wanted too?
  2. The NRA said it should be the 2nd amendment only after they guaranteed by the 1st Amendment; so, they could send out letters and cards to people that didn’t want their communications? After-all the NRA had Cap & Ball Guns and rifles in their closets without childproof locks.
  3. 1st Amendment guarantees free speech and the
  4. 2nd Amendment protects free speech

Watch this video

Watch the above movie. It may teach some public school graduates what the 2nd Amendment is really about!

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