Unnatural Acts

Unnatural Acts

Its interesting sometimes how the government (with the support of civilian groups) forces us to do unnatural acts. And then the government is surprised by the responses of the acts.

Just because we’re supposed to be more intelligent than animals doesn’t mean that we aren’t sensitive to the same conditions.

I’m going to try and be careful in the way I discuss this because I don’t want people to go off the deep end.  So,

Take for an example, your favorite animal. If you mix another “like ” animal with your cuddly little one, sometimes we don’t get the desired effect. Both animals were great in their environments but now we’re trying to create an unnatural environment. MAKING THEM LIVE TOGETHER ARTIFICIALLY (like the government wants us to do) and it just ain’t going to happen with these two animals. WHY do we think we can MAKE people live together?

Living Together

Sometimes this happens because of a long list of things: smells, strength, looks, noises, sex, color, contribution to the community, personality etc. This is not an exhaustive list. Not meant to be. Its meant for YOU to think about what’s really going on. Don’t just use your sight and form bad judgements from that alone. Remember, that’s what the government wants you to do  NOT TO MAKE JUDGEMENTS! The government’s ARTIFICIAL new rule is to make it easier to MAKE PEOPLE LIVE TOGETHER no matter the cost.

Remember, the days when we were supposed to be unique? High Performers? Now we’re supposed to be the same. If we were the same we don’t have to MAKE JUDGEMENTS about each other and that will kill us!

Buckle up!

Buckle up!

Do you suppose that any of the people involved in any of the horrific events that have happened lately were making judgments?

  1. Do you think they make judgements about safety?
  2. Who is going to live and who isn’t?
  3. How about the shortest route to safety?
  4. Should I call police, spouse, friends, children etc.?
  5. Do we need an ambulance?


These are all examples of JUDGEMENTS and people that say they don’t MAKE JUDGEMENTS are really saying “Both you and I know, the way I live is crazy, possible illegal and certainly without ANY spiritual reflection or ANY reflection at all

  • I’m irresponsible in some way,
  • I want you to look past that and 
  • I also want you to look past this and that and etc.
  • I don’t want to be responsible for what I do but…
  • I do hold you up to a higher standard!
  • I need you to pay your taxes so that I can keep doing the things I want to do ILLEGAL OR NOT
  • I’m afraid if you judge me you won’t pay for what I want in my life!

Sorry, I went off on a tangent there…


In the past, We lived in communities that wanted to live together UNTIL a few Progressives stepped in and told us that was wrong (Progressives. Interesting word. They tell everyone how wrong everyone else is but can’t make work whatever their selling this week). Understand Progressive’s


It seemed that the communities were happy with the way things were but a few and I mean a few   Community made their own policies, schools etc. Kids were smarter, polite. There was a lot less stress. People helped people. Every Time we have one more rule/law/policy etc. that adds stress to the living until their dead.


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