Blacks Are Afraid Of The Future

Blacks Are Afraid Of The Future

Its always easier to live with the known then the unknown!

Now, with the blacks being displaced as the RULING MINORITY PARTY by the Latinos, Blacks are afraid of the future. Black’s don’t know how they fit in and what’s happening today is the best they can come up with. That’s a shame. They could have been a leader instead of a follower!

Here’s a 4 point plan for the black’s:

  • Don’t want to be pulled over by the cop’s?
    • Act like the rest of us.
    • Maintain your car and follow the Rules of the road.
  • Don’t want the criminal justice system in your life?
    • Act like the rest of us.
    • Don’t do the crime.
  • Don’t want to be shot by the police?
    • Act like the rest of us.
    • Don’t point a gun at an police¬†person.
  • Don’t want to be on welfare the rest of your life?
    • Act like the rest of us.
    • Don’t vote Democrat!¬†Democrats are not trying to help those on welfare. The democrats did this to you. Do you still want to vote for them after they did this to you for 40 years?
    • Go to school. EARN a diploma in almost anything!
    • The diploma translates to: you’re committed to something, you’ve completed it and now you’re ready for more responsibility.

In the past, its been easier for the blacks to be treated as if they were special. Baby, your status has changed!

This story is not finished yet. give me a few hours!

  • Don’t be tied to slavery to get repartitions. And then you try to live in the new world where your no longer the RULING MINORITY PARTY.
  • Blacks are no longer the special ruling party.
  • Statistics show that whites are murdered more by cops than blacks. The Blacks heard this statistic but to be considered relevant they need to be in front of the media.

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