Christians and the Lions

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The current climate against religious speech needs to change.

The “less than religious left” (including politicians that say the are religious so  that they are socially acceptable into advantageous circles of power, the politicians that want to say their Catholic so they can appear for the next photo-op and any other politicians that don’t want to live by the rules of their religious order they entered into by agreeing to the doctrine of that church).

After all, being a member of a church or religion is a contract between you and the God of that church saying you agree with that religious order and their teachings. Period. There are no exceptions for “choice”. religion isn’t something like a political party where you try to change it from the inside once you’ve arrived. The rules are in some sort of manuscript.

Christians NEED to tell the court system that the things Christians say, Christians display and Christians do ARE political speech.

Christmas displays ARE political speech and as such do belong on government property.

Christmas Day is political honor just as much as Martin Luther King Day is.

Do you see a single Muslim saying they agree with only 98% of the Koran?

Do you see a single Muslim saying their God not be honored?

I’d be interested in your comments especially if your religious (notice I didn’t say Christian).

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